Building robots has always been a passion of mine. There’s nothing more satisfying than designing, testing, and deploying completed designs that aim to enhance performance, stability, and efficiency. My involvement in student design teams, and previous work experience have shaped me to become an analytical and dependable engineer. I always give my full attention to details in every project lifecycle to ensure that technical functionalities are met.

My passion lies in programming embedded systems using C or C++. I aspire to use my skills in concurrency and real-time system design to create products that can meet functional requirements in an effective manner. In my free time, I use these skills to create simple yet meaningful designs that showcases my understanding. Therefore, I’m looking for an opportunity to translate my experience into products that aim to solve real-world problems with logical and innovative solutions. As a fresh graduate, I’m excited to learn from more experienced members and be able to contribute to the industry. I’m also not afraid to work in a hands-on setting, whether it be in an instrumentation lab or in a machine shop setting.

Technical Skills

  • Programming: C/C++, Assembly, C#, Python, MATLAB, Visual Basic
  • System Design: Real-time Design, Concurrent Programming, Control Theory, Digital Systems Design
  • Hardware Design: Arduino, MSP430, ESP8266 WiFi Module, I2C, SPI, UART, Motors, Sensors
  • Software: Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio, KiCAD, SolidWorks, Excel VBA
  • Project Management: Git, SVN, UML, Jira


  • Self driving cars - It’s a new and upcoming technology which I think will create a lasting impact technologically and socially.
  • Sustainable / Alternate Energy - With the growing need for power production, I’m interested in the use of sustainable energy sources which benefits the global ecosystem.
  • Outdoor Activities - Living in Vancouver where it boasts the most beautiful scenery, I take my chance to explore nature and take part in outdoor activities.


Rise N' Shine

The Rise N’ Shine project aims to automate the opening and closing of blinds based on the current sun position. Its purpose was to utilize the natural sunlight to maximize the amount of light in the room. It also allows a convenient solution for people who depend on sunlight to synchronize their circadian rhythm to the natural sun.

AutoSprinkler using MSP430

The Automatic Sprinkler system uses an MSP430G2553 to monitor and control soil moisture levels of multiple plants. The idea behind this system is that different potted plants may require different watering needs. Its automated system aims to provide the user the ease of mind with regards to the health of the plants.

Ping Pong arm using CV

The Computer Vision controlled Ping Pong arm serves as a senior mechatronic project. The system has the ability to track a Ping Pong ball and return it using its motor-controlled paddle. It simulates playing Ping Pong with a human opponent. It’s made by a two-person team Jayvee Velayo and Lynx Lu